Earlier matters of net censorship and security


Resident Lab investigation discovered proof a FinFisher machine running in Malaysia, and later located proof Finfisher software stuck in an election relating document. The Malaysian national neither confirmed nor refuted making use of Finfisher.

Hacking Employees Surveillance Program

Leaked Hacking employees emails in 2015 disclosed that at the least three national companies, including the Prime Ministera€™s division, ordered Hacking Teama€™s radio control program (RCS): malware made to avoid encoding and from another location collect details from a targeta€™s desktop. Alike email messages, however, additionally shared the procuring agencies seemed to do not have the technical capacity to use the computer software.

Profound Packet assessment (DPI) to timeout HTTP desires

Ahead of the 2013 basic elections, people comprise revealing that some Youtube video clips with politically sensitive content were not viewable. Sinar task and other professionals individually learned that unencrypted HTTP desires on two ISPs (Maxis and TMNet) that paired some URL strings happened to be timing around. Many URLs with political information had been in addition found to be afflicted with a comparable block by operating a test that would split the HTTP headers into smaller packages.