BPI is proud of its long history of successfully partnering with external organizations that share our purpose to deliver breakthroughs that would change patients’ lives. We collaborate with innovators that push us forward and as a result, help us continually progress.


BPI has expanded to mark its presence in more than 40 countries worldwide and we are always looking forward to a larger global distribution of our products. Thus, we continually seek new partners that are actively researching bold scientific ideas, capabilities, and technologies that have the potential to bring ground-breaking treatments to patients in need.

BPI is committed to developing strong collaborations, vibrant partnerships and innovative approaches that will ultimately improve the quality of life.

BPI has signed agreements with notable multinational pharmaceutical companies for toll manufacturing, in license, and out license.

Aiming to continuously integrate advanced technologies, BPI has developed joint ventures with international corporations in the field of 3D printing. It has also partnered with giants in the information system industry to ensure maximum efficiency, compliance and reliability within its operations.

BPI collaborated with IncellDx to provide the patient and healthcare community in the MENA region with regulatory approved revolutionary single cell quantitative, qualitative and fast diagnostics technology.

BPI will be the first company to offer the quantitative PD-L1 assay using flow cytometric.

Being the first in Lebanon and the MENA Region, BPI in collaboration with Celsee opening new horizons in detecting and capturing Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) from different type of cancers.

Using their groundbreaking technology, The Genesis System, we can now collect critical cell-based information that was previously undetectable by other tools – allowing us to create the most effective anti-cancer products, ever.

For further information, kindly feel free to contact our management team experienced in strategic planning and seizing productive opportunities.

They will assist us in building a fertile partnership.