Which will be what my blog post states. Thank you for reiterating it.

Indeed, but when you say, a€?a€¦only 22percent of dads see their unique children more often than once every week,a€? the use of a€?onlya€? within regard to the stat rather suggests that 78percent of dads haven't any interest in watching their particular kids. Furthermore, while we dona€™t need an instantaneous mention of present, there are numerous instances when custodial moms refuse the fathera€™s of their young ones any visitation. Numerous without any genuine reason for said denial. They denial their children the legal right to read their particular dads for reasons none other than that the connection didna€™t exercise while the dad have shifted together with his lifetime and discovered a new partner.

Fathera€™s liberties in family members Law/child custody and son or daughter support issues are essentially non-existent. Our judicial system continues to prefer moms over fathers.