Another reason exactly why your ex may have lied for you about seeing some other person while she had been in a relationship with you was…

2. She started seeing him right after splitting up with you

In an incident in which a woman going seeing a man soon after she broke up with you, she may have stored they a secret considering one of many following reasons:

A) She planned to harmed you by stringing you alongside right after which fundamentally telling you

Sometimes, a female will feel sour and crazy towards the woman ex for stuffing in the relationship, wasting their some time and triggering their to need to become separating with your.

Thus, whenever she does look for a brand new guy, in the place of telling the woman ex about any of it so he is able to move on too, she strings your along (for example. pretends to get into your, states she actually isn’t enthusiastic about internet dating anyone else right now, says she only needs some time to heal earlier she starts backup to him, claims she requires some space 1st, etc) as a way of having payback on your.

Then, after months (and perhaps, months) of texting, she then informs him the truth and departs your experience annoyed, disappointed, annoyed and betrayed by the girl.

At the same time, this lady has become happily connecting together new guy and experience smug about obtaining their revenge on her ex.

Another feasible reasons why your ex lied to you personally about watching somebody else soon after you and the lady split was…

B) She didn’t feel like she had to reveal

Oftentimes, a woman merely doesn’t feel just like she owes her ex a reason as to what she’s performing in her own lives given that they’re broken up.