Benta has adopted cutting-edge technology to establish a state-of-the-art biotechnological facility, one of the  few facilities of its 
kind in the region.
The Biotechnology unit managed to join the production, quality control, and research projects under one department.
State of the Art Manufacturing  
Separate areas (Class A, C and D) have been dedicated to ensure quality manufacturing of recombinant and biological products as per Good Manufacturing Practices and International Regulations:
  • Research & Development
  • Quality Control Area Molecular Biology Lab Bioanalytical Lab
  • Upstream Process Area
  • Downstream Process Area
  • Separate Cold Storage Areas
  • Formation and Filling Processes

Cell Therapy

At BPI, medical breakthroughs and improving human wellbeing are at the heart of our values.Under the umbrella of BentaEncapsulife, we have developed biocompatible capsules for cell therapy through a biotechnology process. The advanced living-cell encapsulation technology will allow the implementation of all types of cells into the human body without the usage of immunosuppressant drugs allowing the treatment of many diseases.

Our  first capsule will be dedicated to the treatment of diabetic patients using encapsulated B-islets. During the manufacturing process of capsules, quality control testing will be assessed.

This innovative technology was awarded a U.S patent for the world’s first living-cell, bio-artificial organ to address multiple disorders

Finally, BPI is the first Lebanese drug manufacturing company to conduct clinical trials on humans for innovation therapies

Single Cell Diagnostic Innovation

Benta OncoTect iO/3Dx is the latest diagnostic technology for HPV; Bladder, Lung, Head, and Neck Cancers. It is a high precision diagnostic kit that uses liquid-based cytology and tissue specimens analyzed by flow cytometry technique to provide quantitative, simultaneous, and multiplexed detection of proteins, mRNA, DNA/cell cycle.

Unlike existing diagnostic tools, Benta OncoTect iO/3Dx assay is fast and results are obtained within a few hours.

The Genesis System by Celsee

Using the Celsee Genesis System provides us with a comprehensive analysis of cellular behavior, single-cell profiling, cytometry, proteogenomics and single-cell transcriptomics. In addition,it allows rarecell enumeration and enrichment. The captured cells can be labeled viaimmunofluorescence and counted by our state-of the art automated imaging facility to generate valuable data to monitor tumor progression and response to immunotherapy.