Benta Lyon is a leading French pharmaceutical company with expertise of CDMO, offering a recognized high level full services from early development stage to industrial manufacturing, packaging and logistics services.

Benta Lyon is located in the biggest industrial zone outside of Paris, in Saint-Genis-Laval region (Ile de France).

Today Benta Lyon is offering a full generic range of more than 250 molecules brands under solid, liquid forms and cream as well as a wide range of medical devices. Benta Lyon provide also pharmaceutical distribution service across Europe, Middle East and African’s markets.

Our EU GMP site located in France has been serving customers worldwide for almost 40 years. It has a strong history of manufacturing quality drugs with a recognized high level of service needed for Industrial Startups through a network of mentors and expert personnel along with fundamental administrative services .

With the collaboration of Lyon-biopole and other national and regional institutions, this Industrial Park will be unique in its services and will create an added value to the healthcare development Ecosystem available in the region in order to bring more innovation and Entrepreneurial projects to the French and International market.
BPI collaborated with IncellDx to provide the patient and healthcare community in the MENA region with regulatory approved revolutionary single cell quantitative, qualitative and fast diagnostics technology. BPI will be the first company to offer the quantitative PD-L1 assay using flow cytometric.
Benta Power Tech an innovation driven company, provides energy solutions to the Lebanese and regional market. BPT delivers sustainable and renewable services that include consulting, project design, realization and project management.

With a team of experienced personnel in the fields of renewable energy and solar power, Benta Power Tech has achieved an installation of diversified photovoltaic projects.
Benta Power Tech is part of Benta Group, a holding that assembles more than seven dynamic companies dedicated to provide a diversified array of solutions in the healthcare and renewable energy sectors.

With a yearly turnover that exceeds 60 million dollars, Benta Group brings together more than 500 highly skilled professionals to offer a full spectrum of services in more than 40 countries ranging from industrial operations, scientific offices and distribution.

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Benta Vision is committed to providing a complete solution for the global ophthalmic market ranging from Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL) for Cataract to bandage lenses and ophthalmic work stations in addition to a wide range of ophthalmic pharmaceutical products.

Benta Vision Production Unit

Benta Vision Production Unit is the only intraocular lenses (IOL) manufacturing facility in the Middle East, it produces high quality, advanced ophthalmic surgical and eye care products.

Benta created a custom-built facility equipped with advanced machinery in a controlled clean room environment. A team of ophthalmology experts’ aid in providing the market with the latest eye care, based on International guidelines.

Ophthalmic Work Stations

Benta supplies the market with a range of versatile and high-tech ophthalmic work stations that meet the needs and expectations of the surgeon.

Bandage Contact Lenses

Benta offers an array of Bandage contact lenses. These lenses may be used to provide epithelium healing where there is persistent corneal epithelial defect.
BentaMed secures hospital and operating room needs with equipment and instruments from multinational companies as well as offers solutions to healthcare providers. For more information please click here...
CardioPack is dedicated to deliver high quality cardiology invasive and noninvasive products.

CardioPack also manages and operates cardiology centers.
BPI is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, committed to manufacturing 200 high quality pharmaceutical products as well as CE marked medical devices for a wide range of therapeutic categories, thus improving human health and wellbeing.

BPI has two multipurpose industrial operations sites for the pharmaceutical and the medical devices manufacturing sites in Lebanon and Egypt. Also, it has undergoing projects for turnkey new manufacturing facilities’ in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

BPI signed prominent agreements with multinational pharmaceutical companies for the toll manufacturing, in licensing and out licensing.
In 2003, Hemopack- a sister company specialized in high-efficiency hemodialysis centers, managing and operating state-of-the-art dialysis centers.

Hemopack has operated seven centers in the following strategic locations:

  • Nini Hospital (Tripoli)

  • Koura Hospital (Koura)

  • Hopital Notre Dame Maritime (Jbeil)

  • Hopital Libano-Francais (Zahle)

  • The Middle East Institute of Health (Bsalim)

  • Saint Therese Hospital (Beirut)

  • Libano Canadian (Sin El Fil)

In 2001 Meditec has successfully entered the orthopedic, neurosurgery and ORL lebanese market. Only one-year after its penetration into the market, Meditec has become one of the pioneers in the above-mentioned fields.

Meditec share a commitment to find the best technologies, treatments and solutions to deliver high quality, cost-effective patient care.

Facing the high competitive market with well-established products, Meditec were able to gain customer loyalty in short period of time. Therefore, the confidence of their customers and the support of their suppliers were very important to the success of their brand range and the achievement of their perceived goals.

Meditec exports and markets Orthopedic, Neurosurgical and ORL products, which includes:

  • Orthopedic and Neurosurgical implants

  • Full trauma range

  • Powered surgical instruments

  • Biomaterials

  • Patient care and handling equipment

Benta Trading is your trusted source in healthcare products.

Benta Trading a major supplier of pharmaceutical and medical products in the Lebanese Health Care Market, licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Health for distribution practices and good storage of Pharmaceutical products system.

Benta Trading holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management System.

Benta Trading is an exclusive agent for many international pharmaceutical as well as health companies and has established a well focused professional distribution network that covers the lebanese healthcare market.

The company has a strong foothold in the health care market through its product diversification, its high market coverage, and most importantly through the dedication, commitment and quality services with which it provides its customers

Benta Trading is committed to strive all efforts in the quest of improving lives by serving customers through integrity, dedication, quality services and hard work.

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